Young Toddler Infant Programs

Now partnering with families in the greater Newtown, Pennsylvania area to provide outstanding educational programming for infants and young toddlers in a safe, fun, nurturing environment! Our new infant program supports your infant’s ability to focus on visual objects, respond to language, and develop long-lasting bonds of trust and love through the care of dedicated, knowledgeable teachers. Our learning continuum serves as a guide for parents and teachers alike to ensure the mastery of developmental milestones. Our Toddlers program continues the momentum of skill acquisition to encourage their innate interest in exploration of their world around them and foster the independence they so crave. The toddler program embraces the developmental breakthroughs as they expand their vocabulary and their impact on their surroundings.


Newtown Discovery Preschool has expanded to deliver a curriculum steeped in research and fueled by play to infants, young toddlers, and preschool students alike. Instilling a life-long love of learning focused on the growth of a healthy mind, healthy body, and a healthy spirit beginning in our infant room, continuing through the toddler years and culminating in our preschool, prekindergarten and kindergarten programs. Our natural, organic approach to learning makes acquiring new skills fun and natural in a safe and caring climate. The love and care exhibited by our educators allows children from the infant and toddler programs through our preschool programs to actualize to their fullest potential. From the classroom, to our outdoor area, to our miniaturized village of Newtown, Pennsylvania here on-site, the children are encouraged to question, explore, hypothesize, create and imagine to prepare our generations to come to be innovators.

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