Newtown Discovery Preschool Curriculum

Our Curriculum is rooted in a comprehensive, balanced approach to learning. Our early education programs foster creativity, while also developing critical thinking and social/emotional skills. Newtown Discovery Preschool supports a diverse, multicultural environment in which we recognize that students learn differently and have various areas of interest.  Specifically, we implement a Global Education curriculum, which incorporates all the best methodology from around the world and is supported by the latest research in implementing a rich, high quality early childhood education program. Our pedagogy and teaching philosophy is based on the world-renowned philosophies of Reggio Emilia, Maria Montessori, David Elkind (author of The Power of Play) & Howard Gardner (The Multiple Intelligences).  These theories are embedded into our curriculum and incorporate the Pennsylvania Learning Standards. 

Key Learning Areas
  • Approaches to learning through play
  • Creative thinking and expression
  • Cognitive thinking and general knowledge
  • Mathematical thinking and expression
  • Scientific thinking and technology
  • Social studies thinking
  • Health wellness and physical development
  • Language and literacy development
  • Partnerships with families and communities
  • Social and emotional development

NDP also implements the Orton Gillingham approach in reading and spelling – an evidence-based literacy approach that is diagnostic/prescriptive, multisensory, cumulative & individualized for students. This teaching method is supported by the latest research in best practices for how children learn language as well as how to scaffold instruction for struggling learners and students diagnosed with dyslexia. 

The “Handwriting without Tears” curriculum is used in our pre-kindergarten classes to develop fine motor and literacy skills as well as weekly journal writing. Tablets are available to all children and are used for educational games and interactive storytelling.  The growth of human excellence is developed through a Kindness Curriculum, which includes taking time to teach young children to communicate with and appreciate each other.

Families are an integral part of the curriculum, as they bring their careers, cultures, and dynamics into the classrooms.  Parents and grandparents are welcome partners at Newtown Discovery Preschool!

Preschool Programs

Our content-rich programs are customized to your child’s readiness level, areas of interest, and learning profile (how they learn best). Early childhood is a magical time when the brain develops the vast majority of its neurons and is most receptive to learning. We know that the first five years are the building blocks for the formal years in education that lie ahead, so why not give your little one a head start?

Our teachers provide meaningful experiences that naturally foster your child’s intellectual potential through individualized instruction to meet the developmental needs of each child. Teachers also encourage students to explore their passions, take risks to try new things, and learn from mistakes in a safe, supportive environment.

Older Toddlers (Ages 2 -3 years)

Two year old preschoolers are always on the go and are like little sponges, constantly absorbing the world at their fingertips! Our toddler program encourages children to gain a sense of independence by providing them the necessary tools needed to problem solve and help themselves. For example, learning to play cooperatively alongside others, cleaning up after eating meals, and making many other mindful decisions throughout the day. These skills empower children to become more confident learners as they investigate new concepts and begin to play with a purpose. Our toddlers need extra  TLC, repetition, and patience as they are constantly learning and are figuring out their place in the world.

Preschool (Ages 3-4)

Our group of three year old preschoolers is full of adventure and excitement, all while forming friendships. This year continues to highlight our comprehensive theme-based curriculum, covering basic skills in literacy, such as developing a love and appreciation for storytelling, gross and fine motor skills, social/emotional skills and basic number concepts in mathematics. Teachers devote plenty of time for modeling strategies and practicing skills over time until children feel successful. Opportunities to be outdoors also continues to be important for unstructured play time as well as developing an appreciation for nature.

Pre-Kindergarten (Ages 4-5)

Children ages 4-5 continue their journey of exploration and discovery in the pre-k classroom. Teachers foster student learning through a balanced approach to literacy and provide opportunities for real-life math skills that are planned and purposeful. In addition, S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) is an important component of the curriculum, providing ample opportunities for hands-on scientific investigations during the inquiry process. Children are at a special age where they ask lots of questions and our teachers help guide them to ask deeper questions and learn how to find the answer. Over time, you’ll see the classroom evolve and sense student pride in ownership as learning comes to life through their creative interpretations of thematic units whether it’s through role-playing stories, painting portraits, singing songs, or building bridges.

The Academy Kindergarten, First Grade Prep Course (Ages 5-6)

The Academy Kindergarten curriculum for ages 5-6 focuses on key skills such as reading readiness and increased understanding of number concepts, while promoting and maintaining the standards needed for first grade. Your child will be actively engaged in hands-on learning experiences by participating in problem-based projects that encourage critical and creative thinking through the inquiry process. Social and emotional development are also a key factor at this age. The children are learning to work together as a team, share big ideas, and truly feel part of a community of learners where their ideas are valued. These experiences increase children’s confidence and promote a healthy growth mindset, providing the tools they need to succeed throughout life.

Full-day and half-day options available.

  • When schools are back in session full-time – complimentary busing is available for kindergarten students coming from Council Rock School District to Newtown Discovery Preschool
    • Morning (am kindergarten) students: will be dropped off at the preschool
    • Afternoon (pm kindergarten) students: will be picked up from the preschool & transported to their zoned school
    • Council Rock School District will provide transportation for the following elementary schools: Hill Crest, Rolling Hills, Newtown & Goodnoe