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7 Things Children Learn from Playing with Legos

At Newtown Discovery Preschool one of the main philosophies is encouraging children to consistently be learning through play.

The average preschool age child’s attention span is less than 15 minutes, so they tend to learn best through fun activities and games.

One exciting feature of Newtown Discovery Preschool’s dedicated learning through play center is the Lego room. Playing with Legos has a multitude of benefits for young children.

  1. Legos develop fine motor skills. Because they come in all different shapes & sizes, Legos are a great manipulative way to work a child’s fingers. Children will develop dexterity, muscle control and pressure awareness.
  2. Legos translate into understanding of other subjects & skills. Legos can be used as tools for lessons in math, science and language. Our curriculum uses Lego play to help children develop understanding of a variety of subjects.
  3. Legos allow children to develop creativity. Children can use Legos as an avenue for storytelling, discovery and investigation. There are no limits to what can be done or built with a set of Legos, which encourages children to be imaginative and explore.
  4. Legos give children a sense of accomplishment. When children work hard to build a creation from their own imagination, showing off the final product is an exciting moment. These positive experiences help develop self-esteem and confidence.
  5. Legos encourage perseverance. Working hard on a project to have it crash down is frustrating, but provides an opportunity for a lesson in both persistence and critical thinking. Why did it fall over? What can we do next time to prevent that from happening again? Then, the child can keep going and try again.
  6. Legos inspire collaboration. By working together on a Lego project, students will develop communication and social skills.
  7. Legos help explain engineering & science concepts. Through consistent play with Legos, children will quickly learn what it takes to build a lasting structure. Cause and effect, the scientific method, and more can all be connected to Lego play.

Because Legos can be used to explain and explore so many different educational foundations, the Newtown Discovery Preschool’s Lego room is an exciting and unique addition that sets the facility apart.

Whether students are learning to count, working together as a team to construct the highest tower, or just developing dexterity and strength, Legos are a useful and important tool in the Newtown Discovery Preschool curriculum.

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The Importance of Learning Through Play

The most important philosophy at Newtown Discovery Preschool in Bucks County, PA is to foster an environment & curriculum where children are learning through play.

Play is an extremely powerful part of a child’s development, teaching self-expression, experimentation, social skills and more. The curriculum at Newtown Discovery Preschool focuses on guided play, which allows children all the benefits of free play – joyfulness, fun, flexibility – but with a teacher ensuring they progress towards specific learning goals.

Becoming engaged in learning is key for preschool age children, especially due to their relatively short attention spans. By utilizing play as the primary avenue for learning, children become active participants in their own education. Instead of passively listening to lessons given by teachers, children will also take on roles alongside their classmates and respond according to the rules of play that have been created. Children are like sponges and they are naturally curious about the world around them. We can foster that curiosity by teaching children to explore, interact and question the things around them, which in turn develops their independence, confidence and critical thinking skills.

At Newtown Discovery Preschool, the concept of learning through play is so important that our facility has an entire floor for children to explore and learn through hands-on experiences. A lesson on the five senses in the classroom will be followed by a trip to the supermarket room. Teachers will guide the play session, encouraging students to explore different smells, textures, colors and even tastes of the foods around them. Through imagination and play, children draw connections from the lesson and learning takes place in context.

All students also have full access to the Newtown Athletic Club during their school day.

Participating in imaginative play has countless positive benefits for engaged, meaningful, and cooperative learning. At Newtown Discovery Preschool we understand the importance of combining learning and play.


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importance of activity and movement for preschoolers

The Importance of Movement and Activity for Preschoolers

Movement and activity are essential to the development of preschool age children. Studies show that there are countless benefits children reap from activity aside from just overall health and wellness, including increased focus, memory retention and cognitive processing.

Findings from one Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study suggested that children who had higher participation in physical activities also had higher academic performance.

Newtown Discovery Preschool has a strong focus on developing healthy habits for life. By encouraging healthy choices like choosing nutritious food options, incorporating exercise into everyday life and learning good hygiene, Newtown Discovery Preschool sets students up for success throughout childhood and into adulthood.

In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle for life, preschool is a vital time for children to develop fine and gross motor skills. Participating in structured activities like dance, gymnastics, fitness and swim lessons, students at Newtown Discovery Preschool will strengthen coordination and balance while gaining awareness of their bodies as they grown and learn.

Physical activity has several other positive effects on the brain:
• Improved mood
• Better immune system function
• Increased levels of energy
• Greater oxygen and blood flow to the brain

Newtown Discovery Preschool strives to foster an environment for children to develop a love for physical fitness and overall wellness for life.


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