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Discipline: Bridging the Gap from Dependency to Self-Sufficiency

  As every teacher knows, education is ever-evolving, as all sciences. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to bring Abbi Kruse, a certified instructor from Conscious Discipline  and a leader in the field of social-emotional learning, for our back-to-school professional development day.   Conscious Discipline ® (Bailey, B.A. (2015),  Conscious Discipline: Building Resilient Classroom, […]

The Powerful Effect of Music on Brain Development

  Music is an essential part of any quality early childhood education program. The benefits start in-utero around 27-29 weeks from conception and continue throughout one’s educational tenure and beyond.   What do we mean exactly by music?  According to Merriam-Webster dictionary’s definition: “an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a […]

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

    It is quite astounding that SEL has become such a hot issue politically.  What exactly is Social Emotional Learning? According to the leading source, CASEL (Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning – 2020), SEL has 5 major areas:   Self-awareness Self- management Social awareness Relationship skills Responsible decision-making   SEL is the […]

Building Positive School Culture

    Whenever offering a tour to a prospective family, it is always suggested that they view our social media platforms to get a glimpse into our school culture.  What exactly is meant by the term “school culture”? This term is the shared beliefs, attitudes and values of a program and the application of these […]


    DAYTRIPPING   With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to plan for a day or a weekend away with your little one(s)!  Whether it is a fun ride with family to lull an infant to sleep in the car seat or an adventure with preschoolers, there are many local […]

Benefits of Gardening

  Spring has finally arrived!  With Earth Day being celebrated globally this month, now is the perfect time to start planning a garden with your family! The benefits of gardening are endless.   Here are just a few of the benefits that children reap having the opportunity to work in the garden:   Building self-confidence  […]

Babysitting Co-ops

Babysitting Co-ops A very common question in any childcare center . . . “Do you know anyone that babysits?” While some early childhood programs do allow babysitting by staff and teachers, other programs do not permit this at all.  What is a viable solution to this dilemma?  The answer may be simple (contingent upon the […]

Do You Know a Fall Guy (or Gal)?

v   It’s never easy for a teacher or school administrator to tell a parent that his/her child took a fall while at school; however, in the world of infants and toddlers it is an everyday occurrence.  The statistics are staggering, but it is reassuring that it is completely appropriate and part of development.   […]

Car Seat Safety

    Car Seat Safety   Choosing the right car seat and/or booster is essential to your child’s safety.  Car crashes are one of the leading causes of child deaths in the United States; hence, the importance of selecting the right car seat is paramount.   There are four types of car seats: Rear-facing car seat (infant […]