A common worry for many toddler and preschool parents is nutrition.  According to the Mayo Clinic, most children do have adequate variety and nutrients over the course of a week. Bear in mind that as growth begins to slow around the age of two or three, the appetite lessons. 

Here are some tips to help encourage your finicky eaters:

  1.  Limit distractions and encourage mindfulness during mealtimes.  
  2. Offer variety (even if it is not met  with success)
  3. Limit snacks and calorie-laden drinks between meals
  4. When possible, offer 2 healthy options
  5. Allow your child to help make selections at the grocery store and during meal prep
  6. Do not give into tantrums
  7. Never use food as a reward or as a negative reinforcement
Preschool Snacks

Be sure your child is getting the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables each day. Visit choosemyplate.gov​ to learn the daily recommendations. Try adding fruits and vegetables to:

  1.  Baked goods (zucchini, black beans, etc.)
  2. Add chopped or pureed vegetables into favorites (mac & cheese, potatoes, etc.)
  3. Add fruits/veggies into breakfast foods (pancakes, muffins, waffles, etc.)
  4. Make smoothies
  5. Yogurt parfaits
  6. Create fruit breakfast pizzas
  7. Try vegetarian alternatives (i.e. Spaghetti squash for pasta, cauliflower crust for pizza)

Get creative; the possibilities are endless!