Alternatives to Regular School Supplies


Find a beach ball and learn sight words! Each time you catch the ball you read a word or find one for a parent to help you identify. You can also make homemade picture cards of animals or everyday objects that begin with the sight word to make it a matching game. 

Grab a few rocks and paint letters on them. On the few rocks you find, paint upper and lowercase letters on them. Before you go on a walk with your kids, hide these rocks along the way and have them search for the letters while they walk, then match up the upper and lowercase letters!

Math, Literacy & Art

Use multi-colored fruit pouch lids to make patterns, teach graphing skills by stacking the lids, match the colored lid with the color word, or paint them and use them to create a design!


Use an empty egg carton to write numbers 1-12 with a sharpie. Have your child use counters (examples: jelly beans, cheerios, raisins, etc.) to fill each egg carton that corresponds to the number of counters used.


Plastic Egg tower – use plastic easter eggs and playdoh to challenge your child to build the highest tower they can without it falling!