importance of activity and movement for preschoolers

The Importance of Movement and Activity for Preschoolers

Movement and activity are essential to the development of preschool age children. Studies show that there are countless benefits children reap from activity aside from just overall health and wellness, including increased focus, memory retention and cognitive processing.

Findings from one Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study suggested that children who had higher participation in physical activities also had higher academic performance.

Newtown Discovery Preschool has a strong focus on developing healthy habits for life. By encouraging healthy choices like choosing nutritious food options, incorporating exercise into everyday life and learning good hygiene, Newtown Discovery Preschool sets students up for success throughout childhood and into adulthood.

In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle for life, preschool is a vital time for children to develop fine and gross motor skills. Participating in structured activities like dance, gymnastics, fitness and swim lessons, students at Newtown Discovery Preschool will strengthen coordination and balance while gaining awareness of their bodies as they grown and learn.

Physical activity has several other positive effects on the brain:
• Improved mood
• Better immune system function
• Increased levels of energy
• Greater oxygen and blood flow to the brain

Newtown Discovery Preschool strives to foster an environment for children to develop a love for physical fitness and overall wellness for life.


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